Things to do on your trip to Chennai

If you’re holidaying in Chennai any time soon, you couldn’t have made a better choice for your trip. The city holds many unique delights for travelers. There are so many things to do and see that the time will pass by very quickly.


We suggest that you book yourself into one of the hotels near Chennai airport so that you won’t have to drive too far after your flight. And now, enjoy the following experiences:

1 Eat at Saravana Bhavan. When in Chennai, eat as the Chennaiites do. And the Chennaiites swear by the authentic cuisine of Saravana Bhavan. This legendary South Indian restaurant has been serving delicious local food to legions of dedicated foodies for decades. You will experience the taste of heaven when you go to this restaurant on an empty stomach and order their lunch thali. Saravana Bhavan is truly your best bet for the real flavour of Chennai.

2 Look at some crocs. The fearsome crocodile is scary enough when you see it on the television, but imagine watching one at close quarters. In Chennai, you can. Just head out to the Crocodile Bank in South East Chennai. You can see crocodiles and their little offspring up close, though you remain protected at all times by embankments and fences. If you want to see more animals, you can make your way to the Zoological Park in Vandalur and see adorable baby elephants and other animals.

3 Visit Basant Nagar Beach. This is one of the upscale beaches in Chennai, which attracts a fair number of couples and families. There are many good shops for clothes and other things as well, so you can browse them as well. It is one of the prettiest beaches in all the city and you can go to it really early in the morning. Most people hire cycles and ride to the beach to catch the first rays of the Sun. You can do this too, and then have a hearty breakfast at Mash restaurant, Elliots or Murugan Idli.

4 Check out colonial-era architecture. Chennai abounds with Victorian architecture. These delightful homes and administrative buildings are remnants of the British Raj of the last century. The buildings are made of stone, are large and sophisticated and they look imposing against the skyline.

5 Browse through Anna Centenary Library. This large edifice houses thousands and thousands of book titles, both rare and contemporary, and is a treat for a true-blue bibliophile. Its history section is the most famous, and it has some really old tomes on its shelves. Plus, its literature and fiction section are simply too good to pass up. Since the building is so tall, you can head to a reading room on the top floors and simply take in the view of the city from your vantage point.

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