It happens only at Della Adventure Park

We list four things to do at Della Adventure Park and make the most of your short trip outside the city.

For the longest time, if any of us longed for some all-day fun, all we could come up with were amusement parks. But these were too tame for words – some made even small children throw tantrums out of sheer boredom – and soon, the amusement park craze died down, to be replaced with the shopping mall craze.

But families are now slowly returning to a more refined and inclusive amusement park experience, via such premium facilities as the Della Adventure Park in Lonavala. We all identify cute and quaint Lonavala with scenic vistas, piping hot masala chai and waterfalls. But places like Della Adventure Park are redefining Lonavala as the go-to spot for adventure and leisure all under one roof.

How Della got Lonavala’s groove back

Della Adventure Park, with its large grounds, over 50 adventure experiences, umpteen sporting and racing, and exquisite accommodation spaces, is bringing families back to Lonavala for many reasons. Designed as an everything-at-once space that offers games, thrills, adventures and also serenity in equal measure at a safe and international venue, Della has many experiences to offer groups of friends, families, corporates, adventure seekers, businesspersons and everybody else.

Eat. Once you’re done playing and are completely famished, you can eat at the property’s multi-cuisine restaurants. Early evenings and late nights see many people unwind over a cup of coffee and cookies and other treats at the 24-hour cafe, while others mill around shopping for special Lonavala chikki and fudge.

Sleep. But Della Adventure Park really scores with its state-of-the-art staying facilities. It has 163 luxury rooms and signature villas set in the Lonavala hills. The rooms are stunning in design, and offer every modern amenity one can think of. Plus, there’s so much to do outside the rooms as well – explore the spa, swimming pool, mart, business centre, fitness centre, fine dining restaurants, nightclub, amphitheatre and salon.

Play. You can try out such innovative adventure sports like Rocket Ejector, Aqua Zorb, Bungee Trampoline, Bungee Jumping, Motorcross dirt bike riding, Flying Fox, etc. There are as many as 56 adventure activities to try, so knock yourself out.

Repeat. You can book special season packages that include stay, breakfast and all-day adventure.

Rocking Lonavala!

With so much to offer, Della Adventure Park is bringing fun, togetherness and excitement back to Lonavala. The scenic hill station is just a short drive away from both Mumbai and Pune, so people from both these cities flock to this spot in droves. But with new adventure spaces like Della springing up here, people from the rest of the country are also trooping in!

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