Buy him a shot ‘cause he’s is about to tie the knot!

We list 4 amazing bachelor party destinations for your BFF who’s about to cross over to the dark side.

Your BFF deserves nothing but the most spectacular bachelor party, so we’ve got four awesome suggestions for the venue. Check these out:

1 Costa Rica: Laidback and beautiful Costa Rica is the stuff of beach legends as you enjoy the ‘view’ (we mean the sultry sands as well as the curvy beach babes). The place simply bursts with beautiful people who are totally at home in their beautiful bodies. If you and your friends want to pack in some serious party fun with an inevitable twist, hire a party boat with enough rooms for each of you. Travel further to Jaco Beach for all the drinks and thrills you fancy on your trip.

2 Ibiza, Spain: Dance, fun and the beautiful club experience all mesh together in Ibiza. The stunning Spanish beach town is relentless in its rhythm and offers a glorious peek into the most awesome party lifestyle anywhere on the planet. It is also one of the best spots for a bachelor party, especially if you want loads of gorgeous women in attendance. Dance the night away, send the groom on a parasailing trip, eat all the seafood and drink all the beer you can find, and work off your hangover the next day by just sleeping it off at the beach.

3 Montreal, Canada: Classy Canada has a trick up its sleeve – it has the sexiest women in its clubs. If daytime Montreal seems too staid and cold for comfort, just head to its clubs at night and pick your jaw up from the floor. For the parties here are all centred on the theme of ‘pleasure’, and this pleasure is centred on men! So if skimpy outfits, unexpectedly bold moves and really wild women are your thing, go for it in Montreal. Plus, you can ask a pretty girl to give your friend the lap dance of the century – his mind is about to be blown to bits, so be sure to put him in his hotel room later!

4 Florida: Florida has gorgeous, sunny weather most months of the year. Even its winters are comfortable and never freezing cold. But Florida really comes into its own in the summer and spring, when the Sun is hot and the swimsuits come out! Everyone’s really tan in Florida, and indeed, everywhere in Miami, and partly because the swimsuits are the skimpiest on the planet. Besides, there is a string of hot clubs you can crawl to, though it is tough to hit them all. You also get a mind-bending selection of shots, so you can get the groom really drunk.

Author: Abhay Nair

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