Deals on ACs That You Can’t Miss Out on!

Being a hot country, where the temperatures see a huge rise during the summer, India has an unsurprisingly rapidly growing AC market, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18-20% between 2001 and 2014.


The market grew from $3.8 million in 2013 to about $4 million in 2014 and in this period, 6,05,000 AC units, 2,00,000 AC inverters units and 24,45,000 units of high wall splits were sold. With over 25 players in the market, sales are only expected to increase in the future.


However, the real problem starts after you buy the air conditioner. India still faces many problems like power shortage, voltage fluctuations, high electricity bills and more, which is why the savings have to start from the process of buying itself. This is why it is useful to check for air conditioner offers online to get the most savings, along with features like low electricity consumption and capacity to weather the volatile voltage!

How to Get the Best Price?

  1. Decide on the Type: ACs are available in two types, window and split. While Split ACs are considered to be more effective in terms of cooling, they also are more expensive and require higher levels of maintenance. On the other hand, Window ACs are cheaper and can be easily installed. It is preferred by the people living on rent and need to shift frequently.


  1. Buy During Off-Season: The AC market is typically at its peak during the months of April and May, when the summer begins to peak as well. However, the smart move would be to make the purchase once the season is over and the prices decline.


  1. Buy Online: Just like other appliances, you can get many offers on air conditioners online and save some money. The prices are relatively cheaper than in physical stores. Also, look for the best AC deals online before making the purchase.


  1. Buy During Festive Season: Diwali and Dhanteras is the best time to make a purchase in India. Websites like Zopper have already announced 50% discounts on electronics and home appliances.


  1. What Size Do You Need: Another important factor in cost savings is deciding on the size of the appliance. The bigger the size, more the efficiency and more will be the electricity consumption. The size of the AC depends upon the size of the room it will be fitted in.


You can still save the money after making the purchase by:

  • Drawing the curtains of the room to increase efficiency.
  • Turning off the fan as it pulls the air.
  • Cleaning the filters regularly.
  • Setting the temperature at a slightly higher level than desired.

Navratri Colours Day 7 | Life’s never black or white, it’s grey

There are ways to liven up the grey in your clothes. It’s all about creating the right contrast and balance.

Grey reminds one of rain and stormy skies. It is a gloomy colour but it has classy overtones. What is the colour you are likely to pick for a business suit? Grey. What looks best for a marketing presentation? A white shirt and grey skirt. Which colour balances your most outlandish shirt? Grey.

It is a colour that offers natural balance and visual symmetry in clothing. It matches both light and dark colours for a wonderful contrast. Grey is also the Day 7 colour of choice for Navratri #FestivalFashion and there are stunning Navratri clothes options to explore with this colour. Check out several Navratri offers online to pick the best options for you.

Here are a few pointers:

For women:

Kurtas: A well-fitting kurta is the epitome of grace and high fashion. Your Navratri wardrobe will be glad for the addition of a beautiful grey kurta from Stop. Its neck detailing and taping along the sleeves and hem makes this kurta a stand-out option. If you prefer a shorter variant, Stop has just the kurta for you.

Lehenga-choli: Grey is probably not your first choice for a lehenga, because the colour does not immediately catch the eye. When wearing grey, stock up on other Navratri colours like red, yellow and green to create an interesting contrast. Wear a stunning and shimmery grey

Image Credit: Shoppers Stop
Navratri Colours Day 7 – Life’s never black or white, it’s grey

with an embroidered green choli from De Marca. You can choose runway chic with your hair tied up in a tight bun, or opt for the girl-next-door style with your hair down and your silver anklets announcing your arrival.

Harem pants: Pants are not the preferred option in Navratri fashion. But the true fashionista knows how to rock the colour grey during the festival period with Western wear. Elevate the #ColoursOfNavratri to high fashion – wear a fitted shirt with patterned grey harem pants from Deal Jeans. Not only are they comfortable but they also exude high street pizzazz. Drape a coloured stole around your shoulders and get ready to rock the evening.

For men:

Kurtas: A grey kurta looks formal and elegant, whatever the occasion. Try the grey kurta from Kashish. It goes well with skinny jeans and a darker, charcoal grey Nehru jacket. Accessorise with a pair of blue or black mojris, a slim black watch and metallic blue Aviator sunglasses.

Image Credit: Shoppers Stop
Navratri Colours Day 7 – Life’s never black or white, it’s grey


Buttoned jacket: Grey lends itself well to suits, blazers and jackets. You can amp up your Navratri fashion with a dash of sophistication: wear the single breasted buttoned jacket from Arrow. It will more than serve your purpose – it lends a formal aura to your ensemble and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Use these suggestions to step out in style with the most versatile #ColoursOfNavratri. Go grey with a vengeance – after all, life is never just black or white, it’s grey!

Navratri Colours Day 6 | Green is the colour of the day

Green is an excellent colour to wear – organic, cool and as versatile as nature. Here is how you rock it on Day 6 of Navratri.

Green is the most soothing colour in the world. It immediately brings to mind nature and quiet forests. It soothes the senses after a heavy downpour, it is a cooling colour in every season. It is also considered an auspicious colour, as signified on the Indian flag. That is why green is an excellent choice for Day 6 of Navratri.

#FestivalFashion dictates that green should be used generously in one’s clothing during the festive season. Green is one of the most versatile #ColoursOfNavratri. It is fairly easy to dress up in green, but if you need a few pointers read on:

For women:

  • Sarees: Wear a beautiful and soothing chiffon and brasso saree from De Marca. Navratri clothes are incomplete without an infusion of green, and chiffon is a wonderful fabric that enhances your natural beauty. Accessorise with a pair of silver flats and a silver cuff on your wrist. You can even go retro in your style by arranging your hair in a bouffant and artfully pinning artificial leaves on your hair.
Image Credit: Shopper Stop
Navratri Colours Day 4 – Green is the colour of the day
  • Skirts: Navratri fashion is all about playful chic, so how about a long flowy skirt from The Vanca? A skirt is a great garment in hot weather, and you can team it with a fitted sleeveless tee or a cotton blouse. Add a touch of ethnic beauty with a maang teeka and green bangles or a heavy green cuff.
  • Jumpsuit: Who says Navratri is a time for Indian wear only? If you want to play up the colour of the day in the garment of your choice, try a different approach. A short skirt or even a pair of green culottes would be an excellent choice. Or just go with a playful jumpsuit from Bohemyan Blue. It is just the thing you need to feel relaxed and in the mood for after-hours partying.

For men:

  • Sleeveless jacket: Take the classy route to Navratri fashion with a Nehru jacket or a fitted jacket with a Mandarin collar. A green sleeveless jacket goes with both formal Western wear and ethnic Indian wear. Try a stunning skinny fit sleeveless bandhgala from Van Heusen. It goes well with a white or olive green kurta pyjama, mojris and a kada on the wrist.
  • Shirt: You will be at work all day and might like to check out the Navratri celebrations later in the day. A green shirt will help you on both occasions. Wear a slim fit green shirt with fitted black trousers and brogues during the day. Swap your shoes for green chappals for the evening hours. Try a mesmerizing green shirt from United Colors of Benetton.
  • Trousers: You would be circumspect about wearing coloured trousers to work, but it is green to the rescue! Green trousers in darker shades are well suited to the office dress code, while lighter shades are better for relaxed work spaces. Wear a fun pair of green trousers from Being Human. These can be worn with a dark shirt and a pair of black brogues and will fit right in with the Navratri clothes everyone else is sporting.

Green is thus the colour of choice for both fun and staid clothing choices in Navratri. Experiment with different options to come up with the best #FestivalFashion for you.